Filmed at the live, 7-Day Accelerate Training Course, this is the most powerful high growth business video training program ever created for entrepreneurs who want to kick their business into high gear… and grow to the $1 Million level and beyond.

In addition to the high end video course, the program will also feature weekly live trainings with Eben, two tickets to a 3 day live Accelerate Summit in Chicago during the summer of 2014, and a selection of our most powerful information products as bonuses.
PreLaunch begins:  Thursday, March 6th

Cart opens:  Monday, March 24th
Cart closes:  Friday, March 28th

During pre-launch we’ll release brand NEW high-quality pieces of content, which include videos, PDF reports and downloadable exercises – all modeled on our winning formulas from previous launches so your group will get a ton of value from our free stuff!
Our sales contest prizes will be the best you have seen in the industry this year!  Super high value and very exciting.  We will reveal the complete prize list in March.

The top 20 partners will all get a ticket to our live event in Chicago, Summer 2014.
We will have 2 price levels, plus an upsell.

The main course will be priced at $1997 and $2997.  From the way we are positioning this, we expect most people to take the $2997 offer, as it will be a lot more valuable.

Commissions are 40% and will be earned on BOTH the main product and upsell.  If you mail all 3 pieces of prelaunch content we’ll give you a 25% BONUS on your final net commission.  This means, for example, that if your final net total commissions are $40,000, you’ll get a bonus $10,000 (25% more).

We’ll pay your commissions 45 days after the launch, and then monthly for recurring payments. Refund period is 30 days, and we’re pretty good about holding to it. In certain situations, we’ll allow a 5-day “grace period” after the 30 days for exceptional situations, but we’re on it.
You can find your affiliate link by logging into when the prelaunch begins. Go to the tab ‘Marketing Tools’ to find all your links and the tab ‘Launch Copy’ to find all the swipe copy.

We will also email you your link and swipe copy for each piece of content during the launch. Make sure we have your correct email address so you receive these important emails!

You can see your stats by logging into the affiliate center at
If you refer a new affiliate to this launch, you will receive 10% commissions on all sales your referral makes during the course of the launch.

Please email us at for your Tier 2 link.
Just email and either Megan or Ashley will help you with whatever you need!

*** When promoting our product please NO SHENANIGANS! Spam will not be tolerated, cash rebates are not allowed, no cookie stuffing or automated cookie setting, and make sure you use all the proper earning disclaimers, legal disclaimers, and adhere to the FTC guidelines for affiliate promotions.  For more information, go here.